[Twisted-Python] Re: Tracking twisted repository post 2.4.0?

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Sat Jun 17 13:47:08 EDT 2006

On Jun 16, 2006, at 4:24 PM, David Bolen wrote:
>> As you have unfortunately noticed with this change... we don't
>> currently provide any support for configurations like this.  I'd
>> personally like to discourage it, because long-term local
>> modifications to Twisted indicate a failure of process, either you
>> submitting them or us accepting them.
> But I think it's somewhat unrealistic to expect there not to be short
> term local modifications - certainly I find that to be fairly common
> with a large percentage of open source packages I track.  It's not
> unexpected - when I fix something locally it's normally to scratch an
> immediate itch I have, but there's bound to be some latency before
> either it can be cleaned up for a good submission to the package
> maintainer and/or it gets accepted/applied.  It's unfortunate that the
> recent changes in the Twisted source tree aren't that friendly to
> doing this (particularly with generally easy ways to handle such
> issues with CVS and/or Subversion).
> Long term I'd agree - although I do still see times where some
> modifications just won't likely get accepted back and will be
> maintained for a while.

I'm very sympathetic to this, and I'd really like for the SVN source  
tree to be arranged better than it is. The main constraint is keeping  
the ability to run from a svn checkout directly, without an install  
step. I made a branch that did reorganize things by subproject. And  
that pretty much worked fine except that trial gets totally confused  
when running regressions on it. I then also patched trial to make it  
not blow up.

However, that particular way of fixing trial was rejected, and no  
other has been implemented yet. Reorganization is essentially blocked  
until this issue is solved.


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