[Twisted-Python] Freezing twisted successfully?

Gabe Rudy rudy at goldenhelix.com
Wed Feb 15 19:01:00 EST 2006

On Wednesday 15 February 2006 4:14 pm, Gabe Rudy wrote:
> Anybody have any luck using cx_Freeze or PyInstaller to freeze a program
> with a threaded reactor?

I checked into it a bit more and I'm not sure threads has anything to do with 

sshsimpleclient.py found at
also seems to have problems when frozen. Specifically defer.succeed(1) from 
verfiyHostKey does not seem  to work as the log shows
2006/02/15 16:54 MST [SimpleTransport,client] Disconnecting with error, code 9
        reason: bad host key

PyInstaller has hooks for packages with hidden imports, I'm wondering if I 
need to create something like this so that this will work... but I see no 
obvious modules to force importing.

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