[Twisted-Python] copyable errors

Micky Latowicki ml.flex at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 14:05:45 EDT 2006

in pb.Broker._sendError, if fail is a Failure with a jellyable value, then
the value, rather than the failure, is serialized.

When this value reaches the other side, it is wrapped in a failure. But all
the other information in the remote Failure is lost.

This seems inconsistent to me, and indeed has caused me a bug. If a method
returns a CopyableFailure that has a Jellyable value, then there's no
apparent reason for the information in the failure not to be sent - it
doesn't make sense to me that whether or not the value is Jellyable
determines whether or not the Failure's fields get sent.

I can work around this, but I thought maybe this should be changed in pb.

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