[Twisted-Python] Subproject releases

Moof moof at metamoof.net
Thu Oct 13 06:07:37 EDT 2005

David Reid wrote:

> I guess what I'm saying is, as far as user solutions go, we just need to
> pick one (preferably one with versioning), it's the developer solution
> that is going to make or break a reorganization, because it's hard
> enough to develop twisted given all the personal and professional
> distractions, but it shouldn't get harder by forcing developers to work
> a certain way.

I'm not goign to opine on possible repository layouts, as there are people
who knwo far better than me how that works. However, if you sort it out so
you can jsut run python with setuptools, you can keep the directory
structure however you like on disc, and then just type "./setup.py develop"
for each project you have checked out to do all the funky namespace and path
mangling that setuptools does, and work with your working copy. I suppose a
utility script that runs the equivalent for the various setup files in the
various subprojects would be useful if you always want to work with the
bleeding edge, but other than that, it's fairly easygoing.

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