[Twisted-Python] Re: More on PB Copyable Errors

Justin Johnson justinjohnson at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 22:15:08 EST 2005

See comments below.

On 07 Jan 2005 16:20:08 -0500, David Bolen <db3l at fitlinxx.com> wrote:
> Sorry on the delay - holidays and then I forgot about it :-(
> I'm still on the fence with respect to having independent "jellyable"
> checks.  My concern would be that having the independent checks of
> what is suitable for jellying can be fragile with respect to coupling
> with the actual jelly operation.  Even with the jellyable and security
> checks there are some paths in the jellier code that could still fail
> the operation.

Can you clarify here?  What paths are you referring to?  I'd prefer to
not duplicate those checks as well, but it seemed like the simplist
way to accomplish my goal.  It does sound like your understanding of
the code is better than mine though.

> I also think I liked your earlier attempts at keeping the change
> within the CopyableFailure class (I may have missed why that changed),
> although even there you'd have a double jelly since you'd have to
> check the jelly attempt in getStateToCopy.  Although alternatively,
> CopyableFailure could just implement its own jellyFor (rather than
> getStateToCopy) which handled that more gracefully and with a single
> jelly attempt on the value.
> -- David
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