[Twisted-Python] user interaction & the reactor

Lenny G Arbage alengarbage at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 1 15:11:43 EST 2005

Where can I find examples or instructions on combining
the reactor with [command-line] user interaction? 
I've been searching every resource I can, and know it
must be possible based on threads like this one:
.  I /can/ block on a call made from within the
reactor while waiting for user's raw_input, but that
doesn't allow me to give live feedback to the user
from incoming status messages, and might cause
problems if a large number of status messages arrive
while the user is 'away'.  All the example clients I
can find inside of twisted are not [user-] interactive
(ftpclient, echoclient, simpleclient, etc).  Am I
looking in the wrong place?  Have I missed a howto?

Specifically I have a server that takes commands via a
protocol I define and a client that sends commands to
the server.  The commands on the server take some time
(on the order of 20 seconds to many minutes) to
complete or error out.  Once they do, status is sent
back to the client, i.e., the user can issue many
commands that are concurrently 'pending', completing
when the server sends back status.

I've started by running the client reactor in a
thread, and then using the main thread to get input
from the user.  Am I making this more difficult than
it needs to be?  Is there some way to integrate user
action (keyboard input) as events into the reactor's
event model?  Or is there a better approach?


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