[Twisted-Python] New to twisted

Abe Fettig abe at fettig.net
Thu Dec 1 11:56:17 EST 2005

Fred Hauck wrote:
> I am not only new to twisted, but to python as well.
> I need what twisted does, so went out and got the "twisted" book
> by abe fettig. I am coding each example in the book as i get there.
> the connectiontest.py example on page 16 gives me a call back on success,
> but not on error.

Hi Fred,

connectiontest.py should only report an error if you try to connect to
an invalid host, or to a port that isn't open. What happens if you try
to connect to an invalid host?

python connectiontest.py foo.bar 80

or a closed port?

python connectiontest.py fettig.net 81

Proper behavior is an error message, which indictates that the errback
fired correctly. Are you seeing something else?

I've tested that example on Windows XP, so I don't believe it's a
platform issue.


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