AW: AW: [Twisted-Python] Examples using PBServerFactory ?

Axel Busch busch at
Sat Sep 20 15:56:27 EDT 2003

Hi Steve,

> Awesome, Axel!  Both examples work perfectly.
Thanks. *blush*. But better wait for the comments of 
Itamar etc. I'm not sure if I got their Ideas of how 
to use all this perspective and view stuff right. 

> (But note that the names of the zip files are reversed.) 
Ups, hehe. *sorry* 

> These will be quite useful to us, since we are also
> developing a wxPython client that interacts with
> a Twisted server app.
> Thanks!

You're welcome. I'm currently still playing around, 
but looks like we will use python/wx/twisted for our 
next projects (currently all c++/mfc/soap). 
Now I'm experimenting with a persistent storage for the 
server-objects, and when that is settled satisfactorily 
we will switch to python/twisted. Things look really great, 
I fell in love with python and twisted ;).
It's just _so_ much more fun.

so long, Axel 

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