[Twisted-Python] Examples using PBServerFactory ?

Baptiste Lepilleur gaiacrtn at free.fr
Mon Sep 22 02:59:48 EDT 2003

Thanks, this will prove useful. Though, I won't be using wxPython for the
interface (I'll probably plug-in a web server). But it's interesting to see
how it's done.


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hi Baptiste,

I'm also new to python and twisted, but maybe I have something
that will help you getting started.
Attached are two examples, both use twisted and wxPython
(because I need a GUI for the client.)

basically what you will find in the sandbox, but with some
comments from Glyph which I found in the mailing list regarding
"Realm" and "Avatar" and the like.

here I felt more adventurous. Several Clients will have the same
perspective, which will give them a view, which is a wrapper for
a collection of server-objects.
Clients subscribe for a list of those objects (called "Transports",
because I'm working in eLogistics) and when one client changes
a Transport the others will get an update.
Take care, propably I did lots of stuff wrong there, and of course
the security model is not for productive use. ;)
Maybe the more experienced guys on this list will help us with
When you start client.py you have to give it a user name ("bob" or
"nici") as an argument.

My setting: winXP, python2.3, wxPython2.4.1.2, Twisted-1.0.7rc1



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>     Is there some examples of using the PBServerFactory ? When running
> examples from Perspective Broker how to
> (http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/howto/pb-usage#auto2) I
> get a deprecated
> warning concerning pb.BrokerFactory usage.
>     Since I'm new to twisted, I'd rather get thing right from
> the start
>     Thanks,
>     Baptiste.

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