[Twisted-Python] High Level Implementation Question

Nathan Seven scosol at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 22 15:56:37 EDT 2003

So- my needs are simple- all I need to do is accept a
web request containing some POST data, query my DB,
then return a result.

I think I've wrapped my head around the individual
components needed here, but I simply don't know how I
*should* be doing it.

I know I need twisted.enterprise.adbapi talking to my
db, and then twisted.web handling the incoming
requests, but from there it gets a little fuzzy.

What should go in my .rpy?
I remember somewhere in the docs it saying that the
.rpy should only be a few lines.
Is this just speaking about making it import my code
instead of actually containing my code?
(I'm still thinking in PERL/CGI style where I would
just make the .rpy the app itself)

Should I be using woven? (I think not- I have no heavy
presentation needs)

And then- why am I "supposed" to use twisted.app?
I don't need app-level persistance, and this is on
dedicated machines where I can just background the
process in the startup scripts- so daemonization is
not needed? Am I missing something in that?

Ugh- I guess I'm just asking for best-practices for
the scenario above... thanks :)

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_born to violate._

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