[Twisted-Python] Reactor interface for system configuration and events?

Axel Busch busch at transporeon.com
Tue Oct 21 14:35:44 EDT 2003

Hi Bob,

> I've just wrapped the SystemConfiguration interface from Darwin 
> (part of the configd project, which is open source under APSL).  
> Surely some or all of this is applicable to Win32 and Linux.  Anyone 
> knowledgeable about this sort of API on those platforms?  We should 
> develop an interface to deal with this stuff.

coool. I'm very interested in the reactor interface you proposed. 
Maybe I can help with win32. 

But tell me, I thought twisted is pure python, so how are we 
going to integrate this for win32? The win32all extension does 
not provide the means to do it. 
I could write a .pyd module with c++ and boost. Would this help? 

Some things we would have to think of: For most of the stuff there 
is some difference between 95/98/ME, NT4/2000 and XP/2003. Some 
things will even not be available for 95/98/ME, like some Battery 
states etc. 
Most information should be available through Windows Messages 
like WM_USERCHANGED, WM_DEVICECHANGE etc., so polling is not 
required. Unfortunately 95/98/ME does not broadcast WM_DEVICECHANGE  
for all required device events. 
Well, just some thoughts, I didn't have time to try anything yet.

Regards, -xl

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