[Twisted-Python] Reactor interface for system configuration and events?

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Sun Oct 19 12:49:51 EDT 2003

I've just wrapped the SystemConfiguration interface from Darwin (part 
of the configd project, which is open source under APSL).  Basically it 
lets you query a Whole Lot Of Settings.  It also lets you get 
notification when these settings change.  A lot of this is applicable 
to Twisted applications:
	Power management settings (computer on battery or AC, probably low 
power notification, computer went to sleep, computer woke up, etc.)
	User settings (login, logout)
	Proxy settings (http, https, ftp, ftp prefers PASV, socks, gopher, etc)
	Network settings (device went up, device went down, 802.11 SSID, 
device changed address, etc.)
	Reachability (given current networking settings, is it possible to 
reach a host by name or sock_addr)

Surely some or all of this is applicable to Win32 and Linux.  Anyone 
knowledgeable about this sort of API on those platforms?  We should 
develop an interface to deal with this stuff.


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