[Twisted-Python] Forum vs. mailing list

benjamin bruheim grolgh at online.no
Sat Nov 15 01:34:30 EST 2003

>http://z.iwethey.org/forums -- we also have a hosting service. If you

I liked those forums. Best of both worlds. It does have a slowness I attribute 
to Zope, and so on.

I liked the mixed threads/flat-view that the forum uses. This is good for real 
discussion. And also, it allows one to browse faster.

However, the CSS is IMHO lousy, and very unattractive. I think we could 
configure this better. If it is gets to be available on twisted, it would be 
good. However, I prefer to use lightweight systems; both in bandwidth and CPU. 
I hope this system is made to be scalable and accessible.

You should put up an example setup, clean the CSS to the bare minimums. Put up 
a minimum of forums. I would think: Development, Twisted, Web
Perhaps add: Issues (the workaround forum), Showroom (brag) and General 

Benjamin Bruheim

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