[Twisted-Python] Forum vs. mailing list

Scott Anderson scottanderson at comcast.net
Sat Nov 15 09:12:44 EST 2003

benjamin bruheim wrote:

>>http://z.iwethey.org/forums -- we also have a hosting service. If you
>I liked those forums. Best of both worlds. It does have a slowness I attribute 
>to Zope, and so on.

Yes, there are issues with how the database drivers work. I have to run 
it in single threaded mode or we get problems like lock-ups and 
corruption. :-P

Meh. It's a prototype. One that does half a million hits a month, but a 
prototype nonetheless.

If you were browsing without logging in, keep in mind that you were 
doing full forum scans. When you're logged in and have "Show New Only" 
turned on, things speed up considerably.

>I liked the mixed threads/flat-view that the forum uses. This is good for real 
>discussion. And also, it allows one to browse faster.

The views are also configurable by user. The interface has been beaten 
on and dissected by scores of computer professionals for years, all of 
whom know Exactly What They Want. :-)

>However, the CSS is IMHO lousy, and very unattractive. I think we could 
>configure this better. If it is gets to be available on twisted, it would be 
>good. However, I prefer to use lightweight systems; both in bandwidth and CPU. 
>I hope this system is made to be scalable and accessible.

The CSS was written before I knew what CSS was, and yes, it could stand 
a lot of improvement. :-)

There's a user option to turn CSS off completely. One of the main design 
goals was to allow anyone to use the forums: they work just as well in 
something like lynx or w3m.

Moving to Twisted is a priority, given the performance.

>You should put up an example setup, clean the CSS to the bare minimums. Put up 
>a minimum of forums. I would think: Development, Twisted, Web
>Perhaps add: Issues (the workaround forum), Showroom (brag) and General 
Perhaps this weekend.


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