[Twisted-Python] Forum vs. mailing list

Philippe Lafoucrière lafou at wanadoo.fr
Fri Nov 14 05:41:18 EST 2003

> Well, on the other hand I wouldn't be reading that anymore. A mailinglist has 
> the advantage that it comes to you. I think the likelyness of getting an 
> answer is much higher with a mailinglist. To be honest I don't think that 
> storing the stuff in a forum will make the FAQ's disappear. People just don't 
> search thru the forum, pretty much the same as they don't read FAQ's and 
> search mailinglist-archives.

The question is not to use the ML OR the forum, but both of them. While
the Ml could be more "dev" oriented, the forum would help newbies to
find answers quicker than in the mailing list. Forums.gentoo.org and
gentoo-user or gentoo-dev mailings lists are a good exemple (there an
irc channel too). Forums.gentoo.org are very popular with their features
(categorize information, advanced search + highlight words, answers are
notified by mail, etc.).

I know Glyph don't want to hear about phpBB, because it's not written
using python&twisted. So, what's the solution ? Create a brand new forum
system using twisted ? Volonteers ? Roundup is quite good, and show the
right road. Twisted needs some killer apps.


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