[Twisted-Python] Issues 0.1 alpha release

Richard Jones richard at commonground.com.au
Fri Jun 27 02:37:50 EDT 2003

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On Friday, June 27, 2003, at 11:28  PM, Jonathan Lange wrote:
> The basic "workflow" is modelled on something between a two-player 
> conversation
> and a singles tennis match. The ball is in court A, court B, or the 
> game is
> over. That's it.
> However, Roundup is way more featureful than that. It has a guiding 
> principle
> of generality, which is far removed from Issues guiding principle of
> simplicity. Which of course doesn't rule out the idea of me making 
> Issues some
> sort of Roundup plugin. It's certainly worth considering.

That's not necessarily true. The Roundup default tracker schema (see 
the online demo or the "instant gratification" python demo.py when you 
download the source) aims for simplicity. One of the implementation 
goals is flexibility of schema and workflow, which is what you get when 
you delve under the covers to make the tracker work just the way you 
wish it to. The ball game workflow you describe above (if I follow it 
correctly) could trivially be implemented in Roundup with the simple 
addition of some reactor code (which may be what you're referring to by 
the term "plugin" :)

> Roundup looks like it rocks, and it obviously kicks some design ass. 
> However,
> Issues (so far) is a mini experiment in how simple an issue-tracking 
> workflow
> can get.

Fair enough. I'd just hate to see effort wasted on developing Yet 
Another Tracker just to fit the Twisted framework - when I believe that 
it'd be such a simple job getting Roundup running in that framework. 
Roundup's development has been going for two years now (and it seemed 
like it'd be such a quick-n-simple job when I started - there always 
seems to be some new feature that's really cool and just has to be 
implemented ;)

One of these days, I might find some spare time to actually do the job 
myself, but don't hold your breath :)

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