[Twisted-Python] Issues 0.1 alpha release

Jonathan Lange jml at ids.org.au
Fri Jun 27 09:28:08 EDT 2003

On Thu, Jun 26, 2003 at 10:48:31PM +1000, Richard Jones wrote:
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> On Friday, June 27, 2003, at 08:05  AM, Jonathan
> >No one has told me about Roundup, and it didn't stand out in any of my 
> >previous
> >investigations into bug trackers (some of which were more than 
> >cursory).
> >
> >I guess I'll have to investigate Roundup further.
> I posted about developing a twisted frontend to Roundup a while ago, I 
> guess you a) weren't subscribed then or b) missed it :)

Probably b), being a heartless b., I tend to skip through the "I'm using
twisted and I don't understand" posts (you know, the one's that would go to
twisted-user if there was such a thing). Invariably I miss a few important

Here comes the pseudo-intelligent, almost-thought-out response to compliments
yesterday's "oops" post.

I've had a brief look at Roundup and I agree that a Twisted frontend to it
would rock. However, Issues seems to have distinctly different design goals.

I wasn't joking when I said Issues was all about simplicity (at least, in these
first few releases). We've (the Issues dev team) been thinking about how to do
the simplest possible bugtrack, mostly without reference to existing
implementations (although we've looked at a lot of design docs).

The basic "workflow" is modelled on something between a two-player conversation
and a singles tennis match. The ball is in court A, court B, or the game is
over. That's it. 

However, Roundup is way more featureful than that. It has a guiding principle
of generality, which is far removed from Issues guiding principle of
simplicity. Which of course doesn't rule out the idea of me making Issues some
sort of Roundup plugin. It's certainly worth considering.

Roundup looks like it rocks, and it obviously kicks some design ass. However,
Issues (so far) is a mini experiment in how simple an issue-tracking workflow
can get. 

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