[Twisted-Python] Concern over "relentless hyping" (was Twisted - howto transport megabytes?)

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Sun Jun 8 12:47:05 EDT 2003

I received the following message in private (I assume) email after
my last post to the newsgroup.  Comments are welcome, preferably
public ones (merely because I consider private discussions about
this kind of thing to be a severe waste of my limited time).

Am I over-hyping Twisted?  Am I over-publicizing my satisfaction?
Is anyone over-hyping it?  Is there a maximum acceptable target level 
of hype?

-Peter Hansen

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Subject: Twisted - howto transport megabytes?
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In article <3EE35666.965E6369 at engcorp.com> you write:
> I just realized something -- examples like yours and Moshe's 
> answer show how elegant the Twisted solution can be.
> Questions like Ed's and answers like these are probably the best publicity 
> Twisted can receive, if you're trying to attract new users.  ;-)

IMHO, if you're trying to attract experienced, multi-lingual programmers, 
this relentless hyping is a little off-putting. (Well, _I_ find it

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