[Twisted-Python] Concern over "relentless hyping" (was Twisted - howto transport megabytes?)

Clark C. Evans cce at clarkevans.com
Sun Jun 8 15:41:17 EDT 2003


  I do not want to generalize.  However, I agree with the anonymous
  person involved.  In particular, your follow up post to Moshe's
  post didn't really add anything 'technical' to the discussion.  
  For your litmus test, I'd use this as the guideline: if it isn't
  responding to a technical issue (as Moshe did) and its not an 
  announcement then it probably does not help.   Anyway, hype is 
  best spread privately... beacuse then it carries credibility.
  Also, it's best to hype if you are only indirectly involved, for
  example, I can't hype YAML publicly.

Hope this helps.



On Sun, Jun 08, 2003 at 12:47:05PM -0400, Peter Hansen wrote:
| I received the following message in private (I assume) email after
| my last post to the newsgroup.  Comments are welcome, preferably
| public ones (merely because I consider private discussions about
| this kind of thing to be a severe waste of my limited time).
| Am I over-hyping Twisted?  Am I over-publicizing my satisfaction?
| Is anyone over-hyping it?  Is there a maximum acceptable target level 
| of hype?
| -Peter Hansen
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| Subject: Twisted - howto transport megabytes?
| To: peter at engcorp.com
| In article <3EE35666.965E6369 at engcorp.com> you write:
| > I just realized something -- examples like yours and Moshe's 
| > answer show how elegant the Twisted solution can be.
| >
| > Questions like Ed's and answers like these are probably the best publicity 
| > Twisted can receive, if you're trying to attract new users.  ;-)
| IMHO, if you're trying to attract experienced, multi-lingual programmers, 
| this relentless hyping is a little off-putting. (Well, _I_ find it
| off-putting.)
| Cheers.
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