[Twisted-Python] DOMTemplate best practice

Mario Ruggier mario at ruggier.org
Fri Jan 17 12:24:10 EST 2003


I am playing with the examples and howtos, to try and figure some of 
this thing out.
The DOMTemplate HowTo goes through a simple example, and uses 3 files, 
one for
the template itself, one for a resource that sits next to the template 
file, and one for the
code that actually instantiates the template (and this one must be put 
in the pythonpath).
My question is that, given that this 3rd file (webquoteresource.py in 
this example) is anyhow
dedicated to this template (and will always be, given that the method 
names must match
hook names in the template), why is it kept separate and not part of 
the rpy itself?

Thanks, mario

ps; btw, this example if full of errors, namely:
-  webquoteresource.py:
from TwistedQuotes import quoters	(no quoters...)
templateFile = "WebQuotes.xhtml"	(never used, and filename non-existant)
- webquote.rpy:
#get the sibling file "quotes.txt" 		(no such "quotes.txt" file ...)
quotefile = os.path.join(os.path.split(__file__)[0], "quotes.txt")
- clicking on "See it in action" gives error...

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