[Twisted-Python] Twisted Slow? Woven - Production Ready?

Richard Johannesson rtjohan at syspres.com
Fri Aug 22 17:31:25 EDT 2003

It seems the twistedmatrix.com website tends to be pretty slow.
What hardware is the twistedmatrix.com website being run on?
Where is it hosted? I'm in California.

Is Twisted + Woven ready for production web apps?
 - Is Woven API stable?
 - Good HTML / XHTML support
 - Scales to multiple web servers / load balancing

Just seems from what I've read twisted is supposed to be pretty close to
Apache + mod_python in terms of performance. Would be nice to find out the
limitation of the platform before hiring and training developers to build
web apps on this platform. Knowing the major limitations can start planning
for it and add that to the head count so those fixes or needed development
gets done.

Any feedback would be appreciated,

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