[Twisted-Python] Benchmark/performance of Twisted vs. the Cheetah/Webware/Apache/mod_webkit combo? [newbie]

Richard Johannesson rtjohan at syspres.com
Tue Aug 19 00:40:06 EDT 2003

Just curious about if there is some general feeling about how Twisted
performs. Would be good to know for estimating the server hardware

Is there some dicussion / paper that coves how best to configure
Twisted/Woven for maxium performance? Not needed at the moment, but been
reading the Apache load balancing features. Would be nice to know that this
is available when required.

What does the asynchronous implementation mean in terms of performance. How
much does that give. Primarily looking at Twisted/Woven at the moment for
creating web apps using postgresql DB backend.

If there is some other group I should be posting these newbie questions to,
please let me know.


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