[Twisted-Python] release momentum

Kevin Turner acapnotic at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Apr 4 13:28:59 EST 2003

Our release schedule, or lack thereof, is getting to me.  I'm reluctant
to deploy new releases of CVSToys because I'd be asking people to depend
on an "alpha" version of Twisted.  At least one person has come in to
#twisted asking if there was going to be a release soon, or if he had to
ask his users to get Twisted from CVS.  

Our last *alpha* release was was five weeks before PyCon started; there
have been over five hundred commits since that time.

I know we've all been busy, I know our release manager has had to devote
his attention to people who will help him pay his bills -- I'm not
concerned with any of that now.  All I want to know is what we have to
do to get another alpha release out.

Tests we're having problems with:

 * testSignal in test_process.PosixProcessTestCase, fails regularly
under buildbot for python2.2, but not 2.1.  I cannot reproduce this

 * testStor in test_ftp, intermittent failures.

 * ThrottlingTestCase in test_policies has intermittent failures, they
may be spurious timing issues.

 * test_imap is under heavy development, failures changed fresh daily.

 * test_jelly.CircularReferenceTestCase, Jasper's bug.

How many of these do we have to turn green before we can build the next
alpha release?  Is the jelly bug going to wait on newjelly?

Since I'm the one raising a stink, I'll volunteer to manage the next
release should Chris remain unavailable.

(Now why did saying that start the music of foreshadowing doom in my

 - Kevin

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