[Twisted-Python] release momentum

Jp Calderone exarkun at intarweb.us
Fri Apr 4 15:39:51 EST 2003

On Fri, Apr 04, 2003 at 10:28:59AM -0800, Kevin Turner wrote:
> Our release schedule, or lack thereof, is getting to me.  I'm reluctant
> to deploy new releases of CVSToys because I'd be asking people to depend
> on an "alpha" version of Twisted.  At least one person has come in to
> #twisted asking if there was going to be a release soon, or if he had to
> ask his users to get Twisted from CVS.  
> Our last *alpha* release was was five weeks before PyCon started; there
> have been over five hundred commits since that time.
> I know we've all been busy, I know our release manager has had to devote
> his attention to people who will help him pay his bills -- I'm not
> concerned with any of that now.  All I want to know is what we have to
> do to get another alpha release out.

  Thanks for bringing this up.  I've been wondering about it a bit myself as

> Tests we're having problems with:
> [snip]
>  * test_imap is under heavy development, failures changed fresh daily.

  I wouldn't be unhappy if imap4 were left out of the next release, if that
release is done before 1) the protocol support is somewhat stable 2) there
is a mailbox implementation in Twisted proper (I currently have one, but not
in Twisted).

  Of course, I also wouldn't be unhappy if it were included, assuming it is
in reasonable condition when someone actually does go ahead with the

>  * test_jelly.CircularReferenceTestCase, Jasper's bug.
> How many of these do we have to turn green before we can build the next
> alpha release?  Is the jelly bug going to wait on newjelly?

  Speaking of newjelly... Is it definite yet whether this will be backwards
compatible with the current jelly yet?  I assumed it would not be, but I've
heard some rumors...

  Since our numbering scheme is currently "* glyph rolls dice.", maybe this
doesn't matter, but I think it *might* be nice if the next release was
1.1.0, if jelly compatibility isn't going to be maintained.


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