[Twisted-Python] version control, QA, branching ...

Allen Short washort at twistedmatrix.com
Sat Sep 14 00:13:20 EDT 2002

>>>>> "Donovan" == Donovan Baarda <abo at minkirri.apana.org.au> writes:

    >> > * Arch > http://www.regexps.com/arch.html
    >> It's a mess of shell scripts and ftp crap.

    > That was my concern when I first looked at it. A few people
    > spent a fair bit of time trying to convince me "it's not that
    > bad". The mess of scripts still makes me uneasy, but the design
    > is probably sound. I suspect a conversion to Python would give
    > Arch some deserved credibility.

    > The "ftp crap" is a bit harsh... they happen to have chosen ftp
    > as the network transport protocol, which IMHO is a better idea
    > than inventing a new one. FTP as a protocol sucks, but it it
    > widely supported.

yeah -- my original take on arch was that its implementation made it
unacceptable. but as i think about it, i'm not sure that's such a big
deal; the design seems sound from the docs, and since it's written in
a "software tools" style, incremental conversion to Python should be
feasible if that's ever desired. So... it's tempting to try for some
less-important repositories, i think. (TRDemo, perhaps?) The "FTP" and
"shell" aspects of it are pretty nonessential to its operation, so far
as i can tell.

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