[Twisted-Python] Lampadas, the LDP document management system

David Merrill david at lupercalia.net
Tue Oct 22 12:06:42 EDT 2002

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I'm the lead developer on Lampadas, a document management system being 
built for the LDP and the Gnome Documentation Project. And of course 
anybody else who wants to use it.

For the last month I've been working on persistent objects, but eventually 
realized I was better off looking for an existing library instead, which 
brought me to Twisted. Looking through your code, I am very impressed 
with your work. It's very good quality, very flexible, and also very much 
aligned with what I want and need for Lampadas. So I'm very seriously 
considering a port to Twisted. If I determine that Lampadas can be 
successfully implemented on a Twisted architecture, I will adopt it.

I could really use some help in decomposing Lampadas into a Twisted 
architecture and getting over the initial hurdles. I'd like for my 
initial evaluation of Twisted to have the best possible chance of 
success, and not to get bogged down because of my own ignorance. Is there 
any kind soul who is willing to discuss Lampadas' specific goals and its 
functionality, and how to best implement them in Twisted?

One system I know Lampadas will rely on extensively is the new 
enterprise.journal system, so I think I want to try implementing a 
journal-based service for Lampadas objects. Since journal is just getting 
off the ground, such a service would be a good test of journal's 
capabilities, and I'd be willing to help on journal development as well. 
Is there any interest in that?

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