[Twisted-Python] Some Win32 comments

Tyler W. Wilson tyler.wilson at acm.org
Sun Mar 17 21:27:25 EST 2002

Andrew Bennetts wrote:

>On Sun, Mar 17, 2002 at 09:34:05PM -0400, Tyler W. Wilson wrote:
>>3 im (Tk) fails to save config state, if HOME is not set, since the ~ 
>>will return exactly, and this is an invalid filename charcter under 
>>Win9x. Either split it to check, or put in an error/warning.
>Hmm.  It works fine for me on Win2k:
>'C:\\Documents and Settings\\AndrewB'
Windows NT and above (Win2K, WinXP) do have a concept of users and home 
directories, so this is logical. Win9x does not really. Or maybe it is 
an issue with Python?

>Win98 really isn't meant to be a server OS, and Twisted is largely a library
>for writing servers.  On the other hand, the IM is more of an end-user app,
>so probably should be more lenient about such things.
I lean towards the latter. I would like to do some work on the TkIM 
client in Twisted, to get some experience and 'give something back'. I 
always liked the Jabber approach (the protocols being handled on the 
server-side). But they did not keep the ICQ gateway up to date, so I 
stopped using it. But a Jabber protocol in Twisted may go further (and 
later perhaps have a Jabber server written in Twisted).

>You could also try using the Cygwin version of Python, which is more
>unix-like.  I'm not sure if it has Tcl/Tk libraries, though...
I will look for some binaries. I am not set up with cygwin at the 
moment, being on a slow-ass modem connection.

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