[Twisted-Python] Reality Servers

Glenn.Rieger at mincom.com Glenn.Rieger at mincom.com
Sun Aug 26 20:45:57 EDT 2001

I downloaded Twisted 0.10.0 along with Inheritance and TRDemo to continue 
looking at the .reality side of things.

There is bad news and good news...

The bad news is the username/password for TRDemo no longer seems to be 

The good news is this does not kill faucet, but results in a cute "oops, 
unauthorized" message. Hmm, I may look at getting that to appear as a 
pop-up tk message-box.

Am I using the wrong username and password for TRDemo or is something 
missing somewhere else? The Inheritance demo runs okay.

Is anyone currently working on the gtkfaucet? If not, then I would like to 
know if I can make changes to the core reality product. I will try where 
possible not to break the gtkfaucet functionality, but since I can't test 
it I won't make promises :) If there is someone using gtkfaucet, I would 
appreciate hearing from you to work out some arrangement when I feel I 
need to change or add to the existing reality scripts.

I have created DOS bat files as wrappers for building a reality tap and 
for running the tap with twistd. It contains the required commands plus a 
few house-keeping details like removing log and pid files before running.

Currently, I have (1) modified the tkfaucet to word-wrap the description 
and item frames, (2) display them at a reasonable width and height, (3) 
added the shortcut code from gtkfaucet. I'm not entirely happy about the 
shortcuts, as I believe the "go north" command should have "n" as a 
synonym. However, I will leave it as is until I get around to looking at 
these commands.

I don't like the idea that when you "look at" something, like the Colt 
pistol for example, your location changes to Colt pistol. That is, you 
have to perform a "look" command before you can move to another location.

This is all I have to report at the moment. I would have had more but I 
got side-tracked playing the IF game Moist (written in TADS). Now *that* 
would have some interesting possibilities in a multi-player environment :)


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