[Twisted-Python] Reality Servers

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Aug 27 02:05:33 EDT 2001

On Mon, Aug 27, 2001 at 10:45:57AM +1000, Glenn.Rieger at mincom.com wrote:
> The bad news is the username/password for TRDemo no longer seems to be 
> guest/guest

Hmm.  It seems to work here.  What configuration are you running on?

> The good news is this does not kill faucet, but results in a cute "oops, 
> unauthorized" message. Hmm, I may look at getting that to appear as a 
> pop-up tk message-box.

Cool :)

> Am I using the wrong username and password for TRDemo or is something 
> missing somewhere else? The Inheritance demo runs okay.

As I said, it works fine here.  Are you using the latest TRDemo.tar.gz from the
website?  There were a few changes... (I suppose we should be doing versioned
releases of both games, too, though so few things are changing it didn't seem
worth it)

> Is anyone currently working on the gtkfaucet? If not, then I would like to 
> know if I can make changes to the core reality product. I will try where 
> possible not to break the gtkfaucet functionality, but since I can't test 
> it I won't make promises :) If there is someone using gtkfaucet, I would 
> appreciate hearing from you to work out some arrangement when I feel I 
> need to change or add to the existing reality scripts.

Explain "core reality product"?  What functionality, specifically, do you want
to change?

The gtkfaucet is part of our acceptance tests.  If you're going to check
something in to CVS that breaks those tests, you need to find a way to test or
find someone else who will test for you.  If you're not going to do anything
with CVS, feel free to send a patch!  I'll test it before I integrate it :)

> I have created DOS bat files as wrappers for building a reality tap and 
> for running the tap with twistd. It contains the required commands plus a 
> few house-keeping details like removing log and pid files before running.

Cool, I'd like to see those.

> Currently, I have (1) modified the tkfaucet to word-wrap the description 
> and item frames, (2) display them at a reasonable width and height, (3) 

Hmm.  Does 'reasonable width and height' work cross-platform?

> added the shortcut code from gtkfaucet. I'm not entirely happy about the 
> shortcuts, as I believe the "go north" command should have "n" as a 
> synonym. However, I will leave it as is until I get around to looking at 
> these commands.

The shortcut code I'm *VERY* happy to hear about, I've been hoping that someone
would fix that for a while!  'n' is a synonym for 'go north' in gtkfaucet, so
I'm not sure what you're talking about...

> I don't like the idea that when you "look at" something, like the Colt 
> pistol for example, your location changes to Colt pistol. That is, you 
> have to perform a "look" command before you can move to another location.

Your location does not change.

It changes your _focus_, the object you're looking at.  The "obvious exits"
thing is sort of broken, and I apologise for that.  However, you do not need to
issue another 'look' command before you can move.

> This is all I have to report at the moment. I would have had more but I 
> got side-tracked playing the IF game Moist (written in TADS). Now *that* 
> would have some interesting possibilities in a multi-player environment :)

Wonderful!  It's good to hear a report of any progress at all, so don't feel
bad!  Also, don't consider playing IF a waste of time.  It's "market research".

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