[Twisted-Python] Working with Reality

Chris Hadgis chrish at mincom.com
Mon Aug 6 19:26:20 EDT 2001

> From: "M.J. Stahl" <mjmstahl at one.net>

> > Can someone please give me a general breakdown on getting TRDemo or
> > Inheritance started.
> I got Inheritance running, eventually, under Windows 98. If you'd like the
> details of how, I will post them tomorrow as it is my home machine. I am
> work now, so I will most likely post in another 24 hours. I am in
> (GMT +1000). The Inheritance demo lets you go to lots of places which need
> description :) but entry of verbs is not available yet.

Okay, here it goes...

Note: these are the instructions for getting inheritance going on 0.9.3. I
imagine the instructions will be fairly similar for 0.9.4 and 0.9.5. Hmm,
except for the fact that spl files have been renamed to tap files and
mkserver is replacing mk*server. Anyhow, here is what I did.

* unzip inheritance.tar.gz into Twisted-0.9.3

This places build_map and the inheritance directory in Twisted-0.9.3. If you
plan on creating more than one reality server, you may want to rename
build_map to build_map_inherit to distinguish the build_map files of each

* gnusto build_map inherit.rpl mapcopy.py

This creates two files - inherit.rpl and mapcopy.py - from the build_map
file. inherit.rpl can then be used for...

* mkrealityserver inherit.rpl

This creates a file called reality.spl. This can be renamed if you are going
to run more than one world on the reality server. In fact, I would argue for
the case of using the rpl filename as the filename for the spl file, ie
inherit.rpl produces inherit.spl.

* twistd -f reality.spl

This starts the server with the reality.spl file. Start your browser and
point it to and you will see a login screen. The username is
"Damien" and the password is "admin".

If this doesn't get you going, let me know and I'll try and help you some

Thanks to Glyph for the leg-up to get as far as I did.

If I get time tonight to look at 0.9.5, I will amend the instructions and
repost them.

Also, if the person or people responsible for creating the reality server
and the reality worlds is still on this list, I would like to hear from the
re: how they originally saw this project going when it was set aside. For
instance, was this meant to be a Python web-based version of an Inform
Z-machine or TADS interpreter? Something similar? Something different?

I hope this helps somewhat.


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