[Twisted-Python] Working with Reality

Chris Hadgis chrish at mincom.com
Thu Aug 9 01:40:47 EDT 2001

I loaded Twisted-0.9.5 on my Win98 machine yesterday.

The instructions in the readme files for the inheritance and trdemo worlds
were very good. I built both worlds and was able to run them successfully -
up to a point.

I was able to use the same DOS session up to and including the instrucition
to run twistd with the reality.tap. At this point I opened up Internet
Explorer, went to \\localhost\8080, and saw the login screen. After entering
the username and password I was able to navigate around both worlds okay.
The problem came with running faucet. I could not get faucet to communicate
with twistd or Internet Explorer. I *think* faucet is where the player would
be able to enter commands for the game. I saw some of the other comments on
the list earlier re: Windows and its lack of a fork() call, and I suspect
this is the problem. If Twisted is to become portable across platforms, then
this problem will need to be addressed at some stage.

I really would like to help with the reality part of the Twisted project,
but unless I get access to a Unix OS or Twisted works 100% under Windows, I
don't know how much I can do :( I am still keen to hear what visions the
original reality developers had (or have) for the future.


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