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Start a twisted.manhole client.
VariablestoolkitPreferenceA list of all toolkits we have front-ends for, with the ones we most prefer to use listed first. (type: list of strings )
Class NoToolkitError Undocumented
Function bestToolkit The most-preferred available toolkit.
Function getAvailableToolkits Autodetect available toolkits.
Function run Undocumented
Function run_gtk1 Undocumented
Function run_gtk2 Undocumented
Class MyOptions Undocumented
def bestToolkit(): (source)
The most-preferred available toolkit.
Returns (type: string )
def getAvailableToolkits(): (source)
Autodetect available toolkits.
ReturnsA list of usable toolkits. (type: list of strings )
def run(): (source)
def run_gtk1(config): (source)
def run_gtk2(config): (source)
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