t.i.d.DeferredLock(_ConcurrencyPrimitive) : class documentation

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A lock for event driven systems.
Instance VariableslockedTrue when this Lock has been acquired, false at all other times. Do not change this value, but it is useful to examine for the equivalent of a "non-blocking" acquisition.
Method acquire Attempt to acquire the lock.
Method release Release the lock.

Inherited from _ConcurrencyPrimitive:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method run Acquire, run, release.
Method _releaseAndReturn Undocumented
def acquire(self): (source)
Attempt to acquire the lock.
Returnsa Deferred which fires on lock acquisition.
def release(self): (source)

Release the lock.

Should be called by whomever did the acquire() when the shared resource is free.
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