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An Authority that loads BIND configuration files
Method loadFile Undocumented
Method stripComments Undocumented
Method collapseContinuations Undocumented
Method parseLines Undocumented
Method addRecord Undocumented
Method class_IN Undocumented
Method parseRecordLine Undocumented

Inherited from FileAuthority:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method __setstate__ Undocumented
Method lookupZone Perform an AXFR record lookup.
Method _lookup Undocumented
Method _cbAllRecords Undocumented

Inherited from ResolverBase (via FileAuthority):

Method exceptionForCode Convert a response code (one of the possible values of dns.Message.rCode to an exception instance representing it.
Method query Dispatch query to the method which can handle its type.
Method lookupAddress Perform an A record lookup.
Method lookupIPV6Address Perform an AAAA record lookup.
Method lookupAddress6 Perform an A6 record lookup.
Method lookupMailExchange Perform an MX record lookup.
Method lookupNameservers Perform an NS record lookup.
Method lookupCanonicalName Perform a CNAME record lookup.
Method lookupMailBox Perform an MB record lookup.
Method lookupMailGroup Perform an MG record lookup.
Method lookupMailRename Perform an MR record lookup.
Method lookupPointer Perform a PTR record lookup.
Method lookupAuthority Perform an SOA record lookup.
Method lookupNull Perform a NULL record lookup.
Method lookupWellKnownServices Perform a WKS record lookup.
Method lookupService Perform an SRV record lookup.
Method lookupHostInfo Perform a HINFO record lookup.
Method lookupMailboxInfo Perform an MINFO record lookup.
Method lookupText Perform a TXT record lookup.
Method lookupSenderPolicy Perform a SPF record lookup.
Method lookupResponsibility Perform an RP record lookup.
Method lookupAFSDatabase Perform an AFSDB record lookup.
Method lookupNamingAuthorityPointer Perform a NAPTR record lookup.
Method lookupAllRecords Perform an ALL_RECORD lookup.
Method getHostByName Resolve the domain name name into an IP address.
Class Variable _errormap A dict mapping DNS protocol failure response codes to exception classes which will be used to represent those failures.
Method _cbRecords Undocumented
def loadFile(self, filename): (source)
def stripComments(self, lines): (source)
def collapseContinuations(self, lines): (source)
def parseLines(self, lines): (source)
def addRecord(self, owner, ttl, type, domain, cls, rdata): (source)
def class_IN(self, ttl, type, domain, rdata): (source)
def parseRecordLine(self, origin, ttl, line): (source)
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