[Twisted-web] Bugs in Nevow documentation

Alexey Shamrin shamrin at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 18:23:33 MST 2005


I am currently reading the new Nevow documentation in order to learn
it. It's nice, thank you! Who is the author?

I have found a typo there. Go to the nevow-traversal.txt, class
Documentation example and look at the following line:

fullpath = os.path.join(self, name) 

It must be:

fullpath = os.path.join(self.directory, name)

And I also want to mention the fact that there are lots of places in
the docs where the author misses import statements. It must be pretty
obvious where this places a, so I wouldn't list this places here...

P.S. Is posting to this mailing list the right way to report the bugs?
Is it required to prepare a diff?

Best regards,

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