[Twisted-web] dynamic nevow example-listing

Siegmund Fuehringer sifu-twisted at 0xx0.net
Tue Nov 16 03:20:11 MST 2004

hi all! 

i like the idea of nevow example listing that was written a few
hours ago. it would be cool to just run a livedemo of the examples 
somewhere like divmod.org/nevow.com. :)

but what about implementing it in a more dynamic way like:
than there is no need to always edit the index.html file when you add 
a new one.
it would be necessary though to place every example in its own directory 
(would be nice anyways to see which files belongs to which examples) and 
add a __init__.py with a litte metadata. a little docu for each example 
would probably also not hurt too much :)

the example implementation above is just very a crude hack (will not 
even run on windows), because i did not want to invest hours before 
i know what you think about it.

greetings - sifu

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