[Twisted-web] Persistent URL repository based on Twisted.web?

Sergio Trejo serj_trejo at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 5 22:49:57 MDT 2004

Hi, I'm brand new to Twisted and Twiested.Web -- and my head is spinning 
after seeing all of the cool projects based on Twisted thanks to the great 
developers beyhind Twisted and PYthon.

I am curious if there are there any projects using twisted.web that provide 
a Persistent URL repository akin to http://www.purl.org/ ?  OCLC provides 
mod_purl for Apache but there doesn't seem to be much support or interest in 
extending it (its really quiet on the purl.org mailing list, not much of a 
community). It seems that twisted.web would be way cool for providing a 
foundation for provision of PURLs. And it seems that the Python and Twisted 
communities have the right development spirit to get such a beast kick 
started (if it hasn't already been created before).

The concept of a persistent URL is really quite important in digital library 
science. For example, think of all of the broken links out there (and what a 
pain it is to land on a broken link -- plus broken links look unprofessional 
and are a turn off for human beings who are typically not persistent 
themselves and thus live in a world of instant gratification).

Any thoughts / brain storms / ideas? Thanks for any feedback.


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