[Twisted-web] twisted & nevow recipes for the Python Cookbook's 2nd edition?

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 7 01:58:10 MDT 2004

Hi there, fellow twisters!  I'm in the recipe-selection phase for a 
second edition of O'Reilly's "Python Cookbook" and I have noticed that 
almost no recipe has been submitted to ActiveState's online cookbook 
that shows how to use Twisted (and Nevow).  With Twisted having matured 
into (IMHO) the premier Python networking package since the CB's 1st 
edition, and Nevow coming on strong, I'd really like to have a few such 
recipes in book's 2nd edition... if anybody's interested they're 
welcome to submit recipes to the online cookbook and/or, if they 
prefer, mail me directly (sorry, I'm not currently subscribing to this 
mailing list -- indeed I've currently shut off all mailing lists since 
preparing the cookbook's 2nd edition is a very time-consuming task).  
As you know if you've seen the 1st edition, my bias is strongly in 
favour of "short and sweet" recipes -- in particular, those recipes 
that rely on 3rd party packages, as twisted and nevow ones would be, 
play more of a role of "raising interest" in the 3rd party package than 
of "covering" its use in any depth.  The compensation for authors of 
recipes that are selected for publication is essentially "symbolic" -- 
a free copy of the printed book when it comes out and the listing among 
the book's contributors; all royalties that would normally go to 
contributors go to the non-profit Python Software Foundation instead 
(the PSF uses all of its funds to promote Python in many ways).



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