[Twisted-web] adbapi/Nevow Question

Ed Suominen general at eepatents.com
Tue Dec 28 03:11:48 MST 2004

Using twisted.enterprise.adbapi and Nevow, I am rendering a big table of 
entries from one SQL table, each of which has table cells that can 
contain multiple entries from another SQL table. I have some stan code 
working for the top-level entries with a top-level 
render=directive("sequence"), but am wondering how to go about 
rendering the table-within-a-cell for the second-level entries. 

Can sequence directives be nested, or would I have to manually run the 
second-level SQL queries in some sort of fire-and-wait-for-the-deferred 
iteration from within the render_ method of the top-level sequence? The 
latter sounds like it would be very difficult to keep from blocking.

Thanks for any help. I am finding Nevow to be fascinating and powerful, 
but very difficult to understand and use.

-Ed Suominen

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