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Tom Davis tom at recursivedream.com
Mon Mar 28 09:27:04 EDT 2011

On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 9:57 PM, Glyph Lefkowitz <glyph at twistedmatrix.com>wrote:

> On Mar 23, 2011, at 9:34 PM, Glyph Lefkowitz wrote:
> <http://twistedmatrix.com/~glyph/sphinx-preview-11.0pre1/>
> Anyone have comments about this?  With all the recent excitement about the
> docs, I thought there would be a much more active thread here!
> Thoughts about whether we should link it from the front page?
I meant to get to this sooner, but my weekend was unexpectedly busy. The
docs look awesome! Aside from the common formatting error of mandatory space
after marked up text, I didn't run into anything really odd. One issue on
the index is that both "Twisted Conch" and "Twisted Core" have subsections
called "Twisted Documentation."

It's great to have everything indexed on one page with easy drill-down into
specific sections. It becomes really obvious where the hierarchy can be
optimized and how we can logically go about breaking up the various

In reply to your original post, I'm still planning to finish the trial
tutorial. I feel like an ass for not doing it this weekend, but I turned out
to be rather occupied. I'm going to make time for it early this week if it
kills me.

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