[Twisted-Python] git clone with spawnProcess() can prevent socket data flow, any clue why?

Petr Mifek pm-twisted-python at anapol.cz
Sat Aug 28 12:00:16 EDT 2010

Interesting. Also you can check this file (given you started the clone 
on a directory with the sample script where no "gimp" subdir exists)

ls -l ./gimp/.git/objects/pack/tmp_pack_*

There should be one such file and it should grow up to ~175MB during the 

BTW your git version? Here it is:

$ git --version
git version


Martin Nordholts wrote:
> On 08/28/2010 05:02 PM, Petr Mifek wrote:
>> Hi Martin,
>> I tried your code just for the curiosity and it seems to work here. Are
>> you sure it doesn't work?
> Hi,
> Thanks for testing the code. Interesting that it works for you. I hope 
> we can understand why when we've found out why the bug is happening for 
> me in the first place.
> Yes I'm sure it doesn't work :) During my debugging now, the lack of 
> heavy incoming network traffic shows early on if things works as they 
> should. I've also inspected the process with GNU gdb and seen that the 
> process makes no progress, and buildbot builds for GIMP times out on the 
> git build step.
> Regards,
> Martin
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