[Twisted-Python] CPU choice for big twisted server.

Andy Gayton andy at thecablelounge.com
Wed Mar 14 21:45:32 EDT 2007

Alec Matusis wrote:
> I am running a poll reactor with Twisted 2.2 on 2.6.11 kernel.
> "top" currently shows 80-90% CPU utilization for this twistd process.
> We have not switched to epoll Twisted 2.5 yet, although we are planning to.

Being async, a twisted server can only make use of a single processor. 
With dual core chips, it can only use one of the cores.

No matter what hardware you throw at it, you'll eventually max out that 

If you're planning to scale out a lot more, you'll want to structure 
things so you can load balance several (1 process per core) twisted 
processes running the service.


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