[Twisted-Python] CPU choice for big twisted server.

matusis at matusis.com matusis at matusis.com
Thu Mar 15 13:05:20 EDT 2007

Yes, we are getting 2x dual core, to run 4 instances of the server per box
(they are load-balanced). 
Incidentally, does Twisted API have anything for load-balancing? We have
implemented it ourselves.

I will switch to epoll and report the load difference with poll here.

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> Alec Matusis wrote:
> > I am running a poll reactor with Twisted 2.2 on 2.6.11 kernel.
> > "top" currently shows 80-90% CPU utilization for this twistd process.
> > We have not switched to epoll Twisted 2.5 yet, although we are
> planning to.
> Being async, a twisted server can only make use of a single processor.
> With dual core chips, it can only use one of the cores.
> No matter what hardware you throw at it, you'll eventually max out that
> core.
> If you're planning to scale out a lot more, you'll want to structure
> things so you can load balance several (1 process per core) twisted
> processes running the service.
> cheers,
> Andy.
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