[Twisted-Python] questions about large db queries and memory leak

Thomas Hervé therve at free.fr
Thu Feb 8 05:29:53 EST 2007

Quoting slowtech chen <slowtech.chen at yahoo.com>:

> Hey guys,
> I've been  using twisted for a couple days, I like it very much. And 
> there are some stuffs I 'm still not quite get:
> -  I like the asyn way twisted provides, but when using RDBMS, I have 
> to spawn other threads out of the main event loop. this seems
> weird and  I 'm wondering how the performance would be when you've 
> got a lot of concurrent db queries.

I guess you use adbapi ? The performance are generally not a problem with db
queries because most of the job is done on the DB, not on the client. I've got
servers that makes hundreds requests against Postgres/MySQL/sqlite without

> - Did anyone come into memory leak on twisted server?  'cause when I 
> tested our twisted server today ,the memory usage became 75% when 
> idle.

Until proved, it comes from your code :).


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