[Twisted-Python] Digisynd job posting

ghazel at gmail.com ghazel at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 15:12:57 EDT 2007

Sorry for what might look like spam, but this job posting for a
Twisted developer came through a friend of mine. If anyone has an
interest in this just respond to me and I'll forward your info along.

I'm quoting here:
these guys are
the founding team of revr and are building the first true web
syndication platform for video. they have deals with warner and mtv so
far and basically take their videos and generate tons of views for them
using some proprietary technology.

they are looking to make a senior hire with the following credentials.
if you know of anyone in the la or san fran area, i would greatly
appreciate an intro. thanks


Digisynd is seeking a well-seasoned python developer/manager to help run

our software development efforts. Ideally you have:

- a passion for Django or/and Twisted
- a passion for hot frameworks, such as Ruby-On-Rails
- exceptional SQL skills
- experience with capturing and reporting off `massive` datasets in
real time
- extensive experience with web services - both creating and utilizing
- a preference for MySQL and Ubuntu
- strong bash scripting
- experience with distributed version control

We prefer candidates to be based out of either the Bay area or Los
Angeles. We are a small, energetic team, with a heap of interesting
problems to solve in a very entertaining space.


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