[Twisted-Python] hobart meatspace sprint - the final hurrah

Tim Stebbing tjstebbing at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 21:55:10 EST 2006

We're looking at having a final Hobart AU sprint this Feb, before we
Hobartians go our separate ways. This would be on the weekend of the
11th-12th and perhaps a day either side if people are interested.
Sprint topics suggested are currently:

* Fix VFS (deferred support, move the protocol specific bits into the
various parts of twisted, integrate dav)
* Trial GUI ?

Current meatbag attendees:

tjs, radix, cablehead, teratorn, jml?

Current virtual attendees:

Currently thinking about it:
spiv, jerub

People I have not spoken with yet but would rock if they came:
hypatia, elspeth


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