[Twisted-Python] Docs for twisted

Ken Kinder ken at kenkinder.com
Thu Mar 31 10:50:16 EST 2005

Christiano Anderson wrote:

>I agree with you. Twisted may be easy for who know python very well and
>can dig through pydoc, epydoc and so on. It's a pain for beginners. If
>Twisted had a good documentation, tutorial, howtos, it would gain lots of
>new users and developers. I am trying to write some tutorials by myself
>and helping some friends who is trying to learn Twisted and
>Twisted.web. This tutorial is on early stage, if someone else is doing
>the same, I think we could join efforts and make a good tutorial and
>also explore these pieces that seem to be hidden. 
The split of Twisted into separate projects is definitely progress in 
this direction, because tutorials for each project could be worked out 
on their own. When I first got into Twisted about a year and a half ago, 
I had relatively little trouble learning how to use the basics of 
Twisted, but figuring out how to use each component was (and is) 
intimidating. Developing a web page in Twisted and writing a chat 
server, for example, have radically different learning paths to follow.

You mentioned you're teaching someone Twisted Web -- is that just the 
twisted.web/old-woven stuff or are you taking on nevow?

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