[Twisted-Python] Docs for twisted

Christiano Anderson anderson at pegasus.eti.br
Thu Mar 31 11:32:08 EST 2005

Ken Kinder <ken at kenkinder.com> writes:

> The split of Twisted into separate projects is definitely progress in
> this direction, because tutorials for each project could be worked out
> on their own. When I first got into Twisted about a year and a half
> ago, I had relatively little trouble learning how to use the basics of
> Twisted, but figuring out how to use each component was (and is)
> intimidating. Developing a web page in Twisted and writing a chat
> server, for example, have radically different learning paths to
> follow.

I had the same trouble when I first tried Twisted too.  :)

> You mentioned you're teaching someone Twisted Web -- is that just the
> twisted.web/old-woven stuff or are you taking on nevow?

I am using Nevow and trying to build some projects under it. My goal is
to create a complete webmail, based on Cyrus IMAP and its features
(Sieve, Shared Folders, etc). The frontend must be easy to customize for
each customer and I think nevow is the right templating system for
that. I tried Quotient, it is excellent, but it is not the right system
for my needs. 

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