[Twisted-Python] [noob][Q] Is Twisted the right tool for my job?

Tentochi tentochi2003 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 22 10:48:08 EST 2005

I am fairly experienced with Python (I also use wxPython a lot), and I have a fair amount of
experience with TCP/IP in terms of mechanics and troubleshooting.  I have almost no experience in
network programming.

I am working on a computer graphics application (Python/C++ hybrid) which demands a lot of CPU
time.  I am in the planning stages of converting it to distribute the work over many computers on
the same local network (although I would eventually like to expand that as well).

There will be a main computer which checks to see who is available to participate.  That main
computer will also be helping with the processing load.  After that, it is basically all computers
sending out either requests for information or sending data in response to a request (data can
also be sent unsolicited).

So I guess my question is--is Twisted more than what I need?  I am sure it will do the job.  I
have read quite a bit of material on the web site already.  But would it be faster and easier to
just code this by hand or to use some other network programming framework/development tool?


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