[Twisted-Python] Twisted PB and Zope

Timothy Stebbing tjs at nunatak.com.au
Fri Jan 21 18:09:23 EST 2005

PB + zope is messy, you would need to run a reactor in a zope thread.

A zope uri is a valid xml-rpc object whos methods are callable using
xml-rpc + basic auth. twisteds xml-rpc client support lacks basic auth
even though the underlying xml-rpc library supports it. We patched it
up at work but our patch was pretty hacky and not implemented at the
layer that it should be to merge into twisted. 

I guess you could:

a) only invoke methods without security properties set on them in zope
b) fix up twisteds xml-rpc client to do basic auth well
c) ask me for the patch we use and see if its helpful (I doubt it) 

I like the sound of b :)


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